Infant Baby Class  (birth- 3yrs)

Musical activities include singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. Infants and toddlers are exposed to the phonetic sounds of the Italian language during the most important stages of early language development.

Toddler drop off Italian Class  (3 - 4yrs)

A more advanced Italian vocabulary is taught through music, games, and songs with the addition of visual materials, coloring and stories. Children are engaged through Italian immersion "educational play", utilizing repetition, props, toys, instruments and manipulatives while separating from their parent in a structured table time setting. Italian group dancing and floor games engage the children in a fun environment. 

Children's Italian Immersion Class   (5 - 8 yrs)
This playgroup is designed to combine music with auditory/visual learning on a more intense level. Children are motivated to converse in Italian through singing, games, instruments, activities, toys, flash cards and props. Thematic reading, writing and short phrases are introduced as well as key phrases and idiomatic expressions in Italian. 

Kids Italian Immersion Class   (8 - 12 yrs) 

A more advanced playgroup engaging students in reading, writing, singing, and conversational activities and games. Thematic vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation is reinforced ​through visual aids, choral repetition, reading and writing exercises. 



Our Italian Playgroup is a full immersion program that focuses on learning the Italian language in a playful environment. Each class is conducted exclusively in Italian in an interactive, nurturing, stimulating playful environment where classes are kept small in order to facilitate the full participation of every child.

Throughout the program, children learn Italian through verbal-visual tactile association, word repetition and the utilization of creative manipulatives such as visual aids, toys, instruments, puppets, rhyming poems and music. Children learn Italian naturally, through immersion and understanding not translating. First they hear, understand, build confidence and finally speak. By focusing on a musical methodology, children will automatically develop Italian comprehension and verbal skills.

Exposure to traditional songs allow children to pronounce the Italian words and improve diction in a playful enjoyable ambiance. While children are happily engaging in fun activities, they happen to be playing in Italian. Through playing games, singing songs and choral repetition your child will naturally absorb and begin to use their new language effortlessly.

VISUAL AIDS Illustrate, reinforce vocabulary and are very effective. They attract children, convey understanding and transmit vocabulary to memory. Music  such as classic Italian songs build language skills in the classroom and at home.

TOYS & MANIPULATIVES Stimulate and motivate the children as well as reinforce vocabulary in an interactive playful atmosphere. Our learning materials are fun, colorful, interactive and child friendly combining music, humor and repetition so that children learn naturally, embrace the Italian language and most importantly retain it.


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