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Friday, April 27th: Italian Cooking Lesson: Vegetable Lasagna

Mealtime is family time for Italians. Tonight, the kids are making dinner. They will be making a vegetable lasagna from scratch!

$30 per student. 


Friday May 11: Asian Cooking Lesson: Dumplings

Kids will learn to make a variety of Asian dumplings to snack on and bring home.

$30 per student. Book here.

Friday May 18: NO CLASS

Friday May 25: Pizzeria Favorites: Stromboli

Why order in when you can make it yourself! Kids are cooking tonight. Stromboli from scratch!

$30 per student. Book here.

Friday June 1: Seasonal Cooking with Summer Squash

We're learning about summer's favorite vegetable: squash. What it is, how to grow it, how to pick one in a supermarket and how to cook it! Stuffed zucchini! 

$30 per student. Book here.

​Friday June 15: Father's Day Football Cake

Kids are baking a football cake perfect for gifting to dad on Father's Day!

$30 per student. Book here.  

Friday May 4: French Cooking Lesson: Baguettes & Jam

Kids will learn the art of French break making and make their own baguettes from scratch, along with a jar of fresh strawberry jam.

$30 per student. Book here.

The Kidz Cooking Studio

Fridays @  4:00PM - 6:00PM

Private/group classes available from 7-9

For information please contact Chef Fabiana @   (347) 262-7681